TJU CoME OAA Faculty Members


    Miao, Bin - Assistant Professor of Accounting, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Economics and Econometrics

    Zhang, Xibin (Bill) - Associate Professor of Econometrics, Monash University


    Hao, Qing (Grace) - Associate Professor of Finance, University of Texas-Arlington

    He, Zhongzhi (Lawrence) - Associate Professor of Finance, Brock University

    Hu, Gang - Associate Professor of Finance, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    Meng, Jingzhi Ginger - Associate Professor of Finance, Stonehill College

    Wei, Kelsey Dan - Associate Professor of Finance, University of Texas at Dallas

    Yang, Jun - Professor of Finance, Acadia University

    Zhang, Ge - Associate Professor of Finance, William Paterson University

    Zhang, Hua - Professor of Finance, Chinese University of Hong Kong


    Dai, Xianchi - Associate Professor of Marketing, Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Liu, Yong - Eller Professor of Marketing, University of Arizona


    Li, Dahui - Professor of MIS, University of Minnesota Duluth

    Wang, Gang (Alan) - Associate Professor of Business Information Technology, Virginia Tech

    Wang, Jiannan (Harry) - Associate Professor of MIS and JPMorgan Chase Fellow, University of Delaware

    Xu, Peng - Associate Professor and Chair of MIS, UMass Boston

    Zhang, Jie (Jennifer) - Associate Professor of Information Systems, University of Texas Arlington

Operations Management and Decision Sciences

    Hao, Gang - Associate Professor of Management Sciences and Assistant Dean, City University of Hong Kong

    Lai, Fujun - Professor of Management & McCarty Distinguished Professor of Decision Sciences, University of Southern Mississippi

    Xue, Mei - Associate Professor of Operations Management, Boston College

    Zhao, Hui - Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management, Pennsylvania State University


    Cui, Qingbin - Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland

    Fang, Liping - Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Ryerson University

    Wang, Yan - Senior Lecturer in Statistics, RMIT University


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